Data Center Infrastructure solution providers in Dubai


Hivelogics understands that the data center is critical to every aspect of a company’s operations. That awareness is a key component to our project approach. Our team works diligently to design critical, fault tolerant data centers and cabling systems with high-reliability and safeguards designed to eliminate disruptions. We coordinate our installations to minimize interruptions to day-to-day operations.

We specialise in planning, designing, engineering, constructing, monitoring and maintaining data centres that integrate ‘best-of-breed’ critical infrastructure technologies. This can also include relocation of existing installations to new or upgraded facilities. The result is an always available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable, and maintainable data centre environment.



Data Center is a critical facility and it needs to be sufficiently robust to remain in operation and survive under stress, whether caused by natural or human agents. Carefully developed parameters should be determined at project initiation to identify optimal site characteristics or vulnerabilities that cannot be fully mitigated.

The design engineers at Hivelogics will evaluate the following criteria to ensure the client gets the safest and highly available data centers,


Environmental threats in your data center can cause a lot more damage than hardware or software problems.So don’t ignore environmental threats – remotely manage them with a data center monitoring system.

Get intimated on various threats as and when it occurs by Auto dialler, Email & SMS in time.


Data center heat removal is one of the most essential yet least understood of all critical IT environment processes. As the latest computing equipment becomes smaller and uses the same or even more electricity than the equipment it replaced, more heat is being generated indata centers.Our Room, Row or Rack cooling systems is the solution for this.

Our HVAC engineers at Hivelogics, understands the nature of heat in the IT environment, operation of the refrigeration cycle and the basic functionality of precision cooling devices and outdoor heat rejection equipments. This help you to have a cool data center.


Hivelogics provides anti static raised access floors with varying load bearing capacity to suit any data center requirements. We deal with high end calcium sulphate HPL tiles to basic cement core raised floor tiles with anti static and fire retardant properties.

Our installation personnel have a cumulative raised floor installation experience of more than 10,000 SQM.


Your data center must be secure and resilient in order to keep your enterprise running at maximum productivity, protecting your profitability, productivity and reputation. Hivelogics can help you secure your data center with an end-to-end security solution.

The result: Your company can build a secure, dynamic information infrastructure that helps you accelerate innovation while reducing cost and complexity of security.

Access Control & Video Surveillance– Ensure that the right users have access to the data center, providing comprehensive identity management, access management, and user compliance auditing capabilities. Our all encompassing design solutions will integrate IP based security surveillance systems, closed circuit TV (CCTV), access control systems and high security locking systems.


Hivelogics provides, advises and creates plans/schedules to relocate or consolidate data centers. Fully understanding the complexities of such a task, even if we are not the original builders of your data center, we are fully qualified to successfully accomplish such a delicate task.

When downsizing or combining locations Hivelogics will create a full plan of implementation and operation, setting key milestone dates and tasks and creating a sense of security for even the most nervous of clients.